Viral Old Grandmother in Social Media, Finally Helped by Indonesian Red Crescent West Kalimantam

Viral Old Grandmother in Social Media, Finally Helped by Indonesian Red Crescent West Kalimantan

Indonesian Red Crescent, West kalimantan – The social world is shocked with a viral photo of an old woman who is squatting near the ruins of her house that was scorched in flames, the wrinkled face of the old man suggests the condition of deep resignation.

Photographed it shows his left arm supporting the cheek and his right hand covering his forehead. Anyone who saw the photo seemed to be brought into the whip of the mysterious old grandmother’s feelings.

Following news from members of the Hilal Merah Indonesia Province West Kalimantan that the old woman who had been viral a few days earlier was the grandmother of a member of Indonesian educational institutions West Kalimantan named Dimas.

Viral Old Grandmother in Social Media, Finally Helped by Indonesian Red Crescent West Kalimantam
The condition of the nek Tupai When she saw her house on fire

From his grandchildren, he knows that his grandmother was named Lung Ateng or commonly called Nek Tupai by the residents of his village, namely Zakaria Hamlet RT 003 / RW 008 Tebang Kacang Village, Sungai Raya District Kubu Raya District, West Kalimantan.

Hearing this news, Hilal Merah Indonesia TEAM immediately sent 5 volunteers to visit the location to get information about what happened to nek Tupai.

The trip is taken by land winding up and down, crossing the river, it takes 2.5 hours from the Hilal Merah Indonesia Headquarters in the city of Pontianak. The difficult journey and the obstacles that do not dampen volunteers to get to the location.” Said Hilal Merah Indonesia volunteers

Friday morning, August 30, 2019 around 07.45 a fire broke out because an electrical short circuit at the home of the nek Tupai. When the incident Nek Tupai with her two grandchildren who live together at home, can only surrender watching the fire devour the entire house and its contents to be ashes.

Apart from their remote location, the absence of a water source near the location meant that they could only watch the incident until the building was completely turned to ashes.

Difficult conditions make the Nek Tupai and her family no longer able to build their homes. Nek Tupai works daily in the gardens of his neighbors, the wages he earns are not much used up just for his daily life.

Chairman of Hilal Merah Indonesia, ustadz. Munzir took the initiative and was determined to rebuild the home of the Nek Tupai. “Don’t know how to do this, Grandma’s house must be built,” he was determined.

The results coordinated with the local Rt and residents, the business began to bring results, Money Rp. 4,615,000 donations. PLN (State Electricity Company)provides 38 sacks of cement, Cast Iron 6,7,8, and Wire. Lightweight Steel Frame given by a donate named Br. Anas. Hilal Merah Indonesia West Kslimantan himself prepared laborers, sands, 1000 pieces of brick, 50 pieces of mall boards, 40 pieces of zinc, 8 pieces of furniture, and electrical installations, and also from LIMBAS Self-Defense College which prepared Cast Experts, Brick Binders and assistance in the form of fund.

After the initial capital was collected, Hilal Merah Indonesi team and residents began working to build the house of the nek Tupai. The processing time which was originally estimated to only take 3 days to a week turns out to be delayed up to 3 weeks due to locations that are difficult to reach to enter materials.

Finally the Hilal Merah indonesia team was assisted by various parties who were able to complete its humanitarian task. The atmosphere of emotion fills the space of the new home of Nek Tupai when Team Hilal Merah Indonesia provides keys and food supplies as a symbol of handover.

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