Falling Down By Strong Winds, HILMI FPI Rebuilds Houses In Malang City

The Story Behind the Construction of a House of Tornado Victims in Malang City

HILAL MERAH INDONESIA, MALANG – A tornado that struck part of the area in Bumiayu village, Malang City, East Java, Friday, October 11, 2019. The disaster destroyed several houses in the area.

No exception a simple building owned by Mr Untung who also did not escape the wind. Mr. Untung’s house is a resident of Kenikir street RT 03 / RW 04, Bumiayu village, Malang City. The information was obtained from a resident of the FPI Malang city area received a report on (12/10).

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After coordinating with HILMI Center the next day (13/10), FPI Malang City area and LAKSANA, immediately distributed direct assistance in the form of materials.

We are working with various parties, both the village, BPBD and surrounding residents. In addition, we also use all the elements and elements as well as existing human resources, including in the process of house construction,” explained Andre Aston, Laskar LPI Guardian of Malang.

Since October 13, 2019, renovation of the affected houses began to be carried out cooperatively. The residents of Kenikir and LAKSANA worked hard in the process of renovating the house.

Alhamdulillah, with the permission of Allah SWT on Monday 28 October 2019 the progress of building a 9×5 meter owned by Mr. Untung was successfully renovated, now he has occupied the house comfortably,” Andre said.

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