HILMI FPI Malang City Builds Widow’s Home

Indonesian Red Crescent, Malang City – Not everyone has a permanent place to live and can gather with the family they love.
Example Like Sariati’s mother (75 years old), a widow who lives in a neighbor and has to move and ride because she does not have a permanent place to live for her life.

This happened around tens of years, she hitchhiked residents here and there that he already considered her own relatives.

Seeing this one, the Chairman of the HILMI (Indonesia Red Crescent) Malang City, Mr. Wildan, immediately coordinated with the Center of HILMI-FPI to immediately follow up on this matter.

As a result of this coordination, DPP HILMI-FPI added assistance of Rp. 2,000,000 for initial capital for housing construction and from donors and residents entrusted to the FPI Malang City amounting to Rp. 9,000,000.

Accompanied by the Soldier of the LPI Guardians of Malang City, Ustadz Muhammad Ali Makki, and LAKSANA FPI of Malang City, the process of building a house began on Friday, 01/11/19.

HILMI FPI Malang City Builds Widow's Home

Ibu Sariati’s House Construction Process, by HILMI, LAKSANA and local residents. The excitement of Sariati’s mother was seen when FPI of Malang City together with the residents worked hand in hand to build a house for her.

The feeling of emotion finally overflowed, when a semi-permanent house on land 6m x 4m with a total fund spent around Rp. 11,000,000 million waswaswas handed over directly to her and attended by residents and local village officials, on Sunday (11/8/19)

Thank you very much to the God of God …,” Sad and happy Mrs Sariati mixed.

DPW FPI and HILMI(Indonesia Red Crescent) of Malang City also thank the donors and all parties involved for the successful construction of the Sariati mother’s house, also to the LAKSANA of Malang,” said Andre Aston.

HILMI FPI Malang City Builds Widow's Home
Mrs. Sariati’s House was successfully built by DPW HILMI & FPI Malang, 11/08/19

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